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Tuesday, 12 June 1984
Page: 2873

Senator GEORGES(10.20) —Mr Chairman-

Senator Grimes —Come on, George; we want to go home.

Senator GEORGES —Yes, I know that, but I have a matter of privilege to raise. I tried to attract the President's attention, but he left the chair before I had the opportunity to do so. I refer you, Mr Temporary Chairman, to standing order 188, which concerns the privileges of the Senate and which states, among other things, that a matter of privilege should be raised at the earliest opportunity, otherwise it may be determined--

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Townley) —I do not wish to interrupt you, Senator Georges, but the Committee of the Whole does not have power to deal with a matter such as this. Our only course would be to report progress and recall the President. If you feel that it is that important--

Senator GEORGES —The problem is that the Senate adjourns at 10.30 p.m. It is my view, under standing order 188, that this matter of privilege should be raised today and not allowed to go until tomorrow.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —Senator Georges, as I said, you have to raise the matter with the Senate. You would have to get the Minister to move that the Committee report progress. The Committee has to make a decision.

Senator Gareth Evans —Could it not wait for a few minutes?

Senator GEORGES —Yes, I shall allow the Committee to proceed. I do not want to embarrass the Committee. Whether I shall raise the matter again depends on the time that the Bills take in Committee.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —Thank you, Senator Georges.