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Monday, 4 June 1984
Page: 2430

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General)(4.19) —A response was given to Senator Walters and the Committee on 23 May. It may be found in annexe T of a document that was circulated, containing departmental responses. If Senator Walters does not have direct access to that document, I will read the relevant quote.

Senator Walters —I have access to that document. The Attorney-General may do what he wants to, then I will explain.

Senator GARETH EVANS —The honourable senator asked about a response to a question she asked in the course of the Estimates Commitee hearings and this is the response, whether one appreciates its terms or not, that the Department has offered. It will show that the matter was not ignored.

Senator Walters —To save time perhaps the Attorney will find at the bottom of page 222--

The CHAIRMAN —Senator Walters--

Senator Walters —I am trying to expedite the matter, Mr Chairman. You please yourself.

The CHAIRMAN —Yes, I will please myself. Senator Walters, I am trying to expedite matters as well. I would appreciate it if you did not interrupt the Attorney, who was in fact speaking when you rose to speak. Now I call Senator Walters.