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Tuesday, 29 May 1984
Page: 2008

Senator DURACK —I direct a question to the Attorney-General. I refer to an address that he gave to the Commonwealth Legal Aid Conference in Sydney on Sunday. I am pleased to note that the Attorney-General enjoyed the sound of his own voice when delivering that address. But, what I am more interested in is the reference he made to a report by a Dr Jeremy Cooper on methods of legal aid delivery, which report is said by the Attorney-General to contain very challenging suggestions on how to make more effective use of the private profession in the delivery of public-funded legal services. Does the Attorney- General intend to table that obviously interesting and informative report in this chamber? If not, why not?

Senator GARETH EVANS —There is no reason why the Cooper document should not be tabled, if that is the desire of Senator Durack. It has been distributed widely to legal aid professionals and legal aid commissions. There is no secrecy about it; it is a discussion document of some utility in raising the quality of debate , which was not much enhanced by the honourable senator's advocacy when he was in a position to do something about the condition of legal aid in this country. I will give consideration to the logistics involved in doing so, and will certainly ensure that the honourable senator has a copy of the document as soon as I can get one to him.