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Thursday, 16 February 2017
Page: 1194

Senator CAMERON (New South Wales) (15:03): I move:

That the Senate take note of the answer given by the Attorney-General (Senator Brandis) to a question without notice asked by Senator Brown today relating to the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Omnibus Savings and Child Care Reform) Bill 2017.

Once again, we see a government in absolute chaos. We see a rabble of the government. We see Phil Coorey from the Financial Review exposing the discussions that are taking place within the government to modify capital gains tax, yet this morning we see the Assistant Treasurer out debunking this. One minute they are going to do something about it and the next minute they are not. We had Senator Brandis today saying that they had no intention of changing capital gains tax. Well, what a folly this is. That is because every time a young couple try to buy a house in my home state of New South Wales—and I am sure it is the same in other states around the place—they have to front up against an investor who is getting tax breaks through capital gains tax and negative gearing.

We have said consistently for over a year to get rid of it and level the playing field between young people trying to get into their first home and investors who may have five, six, seven, a dozen or more than a dozen homes. Why should we be subsidising investors to make it hard for young people in this country to get a start and to be able to buy a house? The article in the Financial Review clearly demonstrates that the coalition are at war internally on this issue.

Senator Brandis: You have been told the article is erroneous.

Senator CAMERON: You can interject all you like, Senator Brandis, with your haughty, superior approach. You can do that all you like. What I am interested in are young people who are trying to buy a home. I know what your position is. You are heading off to London on the taxpayer teat to live in the mansion in London that is supplied for you when you go to London. That is where this guy is off to. He does not have to worry about what his future is. We know that he is going to get sent off to London because he is the worst minister in the government. In a recent review in the Adelaide press, he got four out of 10. Even Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister, got more than that. That is not much good for Senator Brandis.

You will be okay, Senator Brandis. You will be one of the leaners. Remember the lifters and leaners that you were on about? You are going to lean on the public purse in London. We know what you are all about. You do not care about young people who are trying to get a start with a house. You do not care about young people being at a disadvantage with the developers and the investors coming in and getting an advantage from capital gains tax and negative gearing. Why would you care? You are off to London. You will not have a care in the world. The Prime Minister wants to get rid of you. The coalition wants to get rid of you. So, do not come here lecturing us about the issues that we have to deal with, when you are leaning on the public purse back in London—the 'lifters and the leaners'! You were supporting that, and you will be leaning well back in London, living off the public purse. We know what you are about. And young couples in my home state of New South Wales are battling to get access to a home.

This is the mob that wants to cut pensions, make you work until you are 70 for your pension. And no matter what Senator Brandis says today, you can never trust anything this government says. You could not trust them on marriage equality. You could not trust them on climate policy. You could not trust them on the GST. You cannot trust them on income tax cuts. They are in retreat on company tax cuts, the capital gains tax—they are all over the place on it. They have been backflipping on the Gonski school reforms. They have backflipped on the Australian republic. They backflipped on income tax cuts to the states. They are an absolute rabble of a government. Never believe anything that comes out of Senator Brandis's mouth, because he is a temporary politician. He is off to London, off on the public purse. He is going to be a great leaner in London. (Time expired)