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Wednesday, 8 February 2017
Page: 390

Senator SINODINOS (New South WalesMinister for Industry, Innovation and Science) (18:49): As a matter of principle I want consumers to have as much information as possible. There is always a bit of a debate about how you provide that information. You can walk into a restaurant and, when you see barramundi on the menu, ask, 'Where is this barramundi from? Is it from the Territory? Is it from overseas?' If you see spaghetti marinara on the menu, you can say, 'Where are the prawns from?' You can do that. If you are telling me you do not necessarily trust what the waiter or the restaurateur will say and you want that somehow with the imprimatur of a third-party, all I can say is that my capable assistant minister is looking into these issues.

All I want to do today is progress the agreement we have got in this chamber and use that as a basis for implementing these reforms, getting them out there and getting an information campaign going. Then we are on the exciting road of more and more information available to people through their labels. And then we are on the exciting road of working out where there are any problems and how we improve on where we are going. This is a journey; it is not a destination.