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Wednesday, 8 February 2017
Page: 291

Senator BIRMINGHAM (South Australia—Minister for Education and Training) (14:09): The only alternative policies we can assess our those the opposition took to the last election. That was a simple suggestion that they would increase the existing child care rebate cap. In doing so they were going to provide windfall gains of $176 million to families earning more than $250,000. That is hardly a progressive approach. That is hardly effective targeting of taxpayer dollars. Our approach, our policy, is about ensuring that the most hard-working, lowest-earning Australians get the greatest support. Our reforms will ensure those families can access quality early-learning services for around $15 a day. But they make sure that we target the dollars where they best need to be targeted.

I sincerely hope the Labor Party will reconsider their position in relation to these reforms, because we can make sure we get the best bang for taxpayers' dollars by targeting them effectively, as indeed major stakeholders like Goodstart Australia have said in relation to our reforms. Let's get it done, because these will benefit our most vulnerable Australians. (Time expired)