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Wednesday, 8 February 2017
Page: 250

Senator LAMBIE (Tasmania) (11:09): The facts speak for themselves. On the one hand we have a minister who says we are going to be one of the biggest exporters in a world of LNG and then on the other hand we have a minister who says we are having a domestic crisis because of a domestic shortage. On top of that, both of you have been doing dud deals between yourselves for years—dud deals in taking political donations. And you do not think the Australian people are wondering why they should vote for you? If you were half-serious about political donations you would be putting them up live. If you get them one day and that cheque is cleared then get them up there and show the people. You do not wait 18 months or 12 months. If you were half serious about showing that you are all clear in this matter, then get them up there live and let the Australian people decide whether or not you are being paid by cheque book or whether you are actually doing it for them and their future. It is enough.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR ( Senator Back ): The question is that the amendments of Senator Hanson-Young on sheet 7956, taken together, be agreed to.