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Monday, 10 August 2015
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(Question No 833)

Ms MacTiernan asked the Minister for Trade and Investment on 25 June 2015.

(1) Can he quantify the amounts received from the following levies in (a) 2010-11, (b) 2011-12, (c) 2012-13, (d) 2013-14, and (e) 2014-15: (i) Passenger Movement Charges, (ii) visa applications, and (iii) biosecurity fees.

(2) Can he quantify what (a) sum, and (b) proportion (as a percentage), of each of these charges is expended at airports.

(3) What sum of Tourism Australia's marketing expenditure in (a) 2010-11, (b) 2011-12, (c) 2012-13, (d) 2013-14, and (e) 2014-15, was used for promoting Western Australia as an international destination; and what proportion (as a percentage) was this of the total marketing expenditure.

(4) How many airline partnerships does Tourism Australia currently invest in and how many of these partnerships (a) are solely for services to Perth International Airport, and (b) relate to partnerships outside Western Australia.

Mr Robb: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) (i) & (ii) These questions should be directed to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

   (iii) This question should be directed to the Minister for Agriculture.

(2) This question should be directed to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

(3) Tourism Australia (TA) promotes Australia as a destination. While TA partners with state and territory tourism organisations, it does not specifically allocate budgets to promoting individual states or territories.

(4) TA worked with 17 airlines in the 2014-15 financial year, jointly investing around $39 million in partnership marketing activity across multiple campaigns.

While these campaigns are generally focused on the promotion of the broader Australian tourism experience, supported by tactical fares from the airline to all ports they fly to, there are specific campaign activities undertaken each year dedicated to specific ports or destinations.

TA works with the state and territory tourism organisations to build on and supplement the broader campaign activity. In the 2014-15 financial year, TA worked on 10 airline based partnership marketing campaigns with Tourism Western Australia (TWA), across seven carriers. The investment by all parties in these campaigns was in excess of $3.6 million and included:

1. Etihad Airways

Markets: USA, Continental Europe and UK

2. China Southern

Markets: China

3. Air New Zealand

Markets: New Zealand

4. Virgin Australia

Markets: New Zealand

5. Singapore Airlines

Markets: Malaysia, Singapore

6. Malaysian Airlines

Markets: Malaysia

7. Scoot

Markets: Singapore