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Monday, 10 August 2015
Page: 7863

Chan Mr Andrew and Sukumaran Mr Myuran

(Question No. 800)

Ms McGowan asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs, in writing on, 26 May 2015:

In respect of the incarceration and execution of Mr Andrew Chan and Mr Myuran Sukumaran in Indonesia between 17 April 2005 and 11 May 2015, what sum did the Australian Government: (a) provide for their legal representation, court and appeal costs, if any, (b) provide to their families for travel expenses, accommodation, repatriation and any other associated expenses, if any, and (c) spend on providing embassy support to the two men and their families.

Ms Julie Bishop: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a) Questions regarding any assistance provided by the Australian Government through the Serious Overseas Criminal Matter scheme, administered by the Attorney-General's Department, should be directed to the Attorney-General.

(b) The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade made the decision to repatriate the bodies of Mr Chan and Mr Sukumaran after careful consideration of the harrowing and unusual circumstances faced by the families. We are not releasing details out of respect for the families and their privacy.

(c) The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provided consular support to Mr Chan and Mr Sukumaran and their families in accordance with the Consular Services Charter from the time of their arrest in April 2005. As consular assistance is considered core business for the Department and consular staff overseas, it is not feasible to calculate the discrete cost of consular support for the entire period.