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Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Page: 922

Ms BRODTMANN (Canberra) (13:54): I have petitioned the government to prioritise Canberra on the NBN rollout map. I have written to the minister to prioritise Canberra on the NBN rollout map, and to date, despite the promise by the Prime Minister that every household in Australia would have NBN by 2016, the rollout map for my electorate is just one big blank space. So I am asking Canberrans to send me their speeds to show the parlous internet in our nation's capital.

Markus from Fadden has a download of 5.62 megabits per second and an upload of an appalling 0.88 megabits per second. He wrote:

To backup my 64 gigabyte phone to the internet it would take me 94 days!

I was living in Munich last year. With the standard 10 megabytes per second connection over there it would only have taken 2.5 hours!

As he said:

I may as well invest in a carrier pigeon at this point.

Well said, Markus. He also sent me a read-out when he was mid-flight:

Hi Gai—I'm currently flying 12 kilometres over Siberia in a Finnair A350, and the internet connection is faster than the copper network back at home... oh my.

Download 3.01 megabits per second

Upload 1.59 megabits per second

If the Turnbull government will not listen to Canberrans, let's show them our nation's capital has some of the worst internet speeds in the world.