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Monday, 9 February 2015
Page: 290

National Broadband Network

(Question No. 664)

Ms McGowan asked the Minister for Communications, in writing, on 24 November 2014:

(1) What is the commencement date for the NBN Co Limited Long Term Satellite Service (LTSS).

(2) In respect of some households in regional areas such as the electoral division of Indi, currently only able to access broadband internet via the 3G mobile network: (a) When does the NBN Co Limited plan to inform them of the type of National Broadband Network (NBN) service they will be offered and the expected the commencement date for that services; and (b) Is it intended that they will be able to access the LTSS from its commencement if the NBN Co Limited does not plan to offer a fixed line or fixed wireless service to them.

Mr Turnbull: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) As part of its long term satellite service, NBN Co will deploy two Ka-band satellites to provide NBN access for those outside the fixed line and wireless footprints. The first of these satellites is expected to be in operation by early 2016.

(2) (a) On 1 December 2014, NBN Co released its new National Rollout Plan which provides information on the new work underway to bring fast broadband to the next cities, towns and suburbs by June 2016. NBN Co is committed to providing quarterly updates of planned activity across Australia to capture any changes to the schedule identified through process and technology improvements or variations in the rollout on its website

(b) NBN Co will manage a number of competing interests around the Satellite service to ensure service quality and availability. Both new users and current users of the Interim Satellite Service will be able to progressively access the LTSS when it commences.