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Monday, 9 February 2015
Page: 217

Dr LEIGH (Fraser) (16:28): I would like to acknowledge the work of United Nations Youth Australia and their role in educating young people in my electorate. UN Youth is Australia's largest by youth for youth organisation, focusing on peer-to-peer education. With thousands of volunteers over the country, the organisation runs major national events, including debating championships and international relations conferences. In particular, I want to take note of their overseas development tours to Timor-Leste and the Middle East. A student of the Australian National University, Chloe Kelly, is director of Pacific Project 2015, the two-week trip to Timor-Leste, which multiple young people in my electorate have benefited from over the years. UN Youth's annual territory conference this year, hosted in my electorate and convened by ANU student Laura Bryant, is another opportunity for young Canberrans to learn about the United Nations and Australia's place in the world. But it is just one of many such events that occur throughout the year to improve the understanding that young people have of international relations.

The work of the organisation would not be possible without the tireless dedication of its thousands of young volunteers, such as ACT president Allen Chen and another young Canberran, Arisha Arif, who last year served as the organisation's national youth representation director. Volunteers like this are themselves taking time out of school or university to work with other young people and help build their interest in international relations and human rights. I pay tribute to their efforts to open young eyes to the world.