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Thursday, 1 March 2012
Page: 2509

Mrs PRENTICE (Ryan) (13:51): This morning, in the Federation Chamber, the member for Wills gave a clear demonstration of just how desperate the ALP is to cling to power in Queensland. Just as the Labor campaign has resorted to sleaze and innuendo, the member for Wills shamefully attacked the future Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman. I challenge the member for Wills to repeat his accusations outside this place—without the cloak of privilege. But what we really heard this morning was the death rattle of a tired and incompetent Labor government in Queensland. They have no policy, they have no vision and they have no plans. All they have is a campaign of smear and innuendo. I found it more than interesting that a member from Victoria should take such an interest in planning issues to do with Brisbane City Council. He claims that 'residents are entitled to have a say'—and I can assure him that they did. Due process was followed. Indeed, Brisbane City Council has a robust approval process which developers regularly complain about. The member for Wills neglected to mention that the development to which he referred is located in Premier Anna Bligh's seat. The Premier never raised any objections to the development—yet the member for Wills seems to think he knows better. His intemperate outburst this morning is an attack on the integrity of hardworking council officers. Queenslanders have endured 20 years of excuses and political promises; we have heard them spoken and broken time and time again. Labor is a broken record. Queensland needs strong action now, not more empty promises and political tricks. It is time to get Queensland back on track. Queensland needs Campbell Newman as Premier.