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Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Page: 9

Mr ABBOTT (WarringahPrime Minister) (12:00): Madam Speaker, on behalf of, I trust, the whole House, and certainly on behalf of the government, I congratulate you on the high office to which you have been elected. Yes, over the years, you have been a very tough politician. But as well as being a very tough politician you are, as was said earlier in this chamber, someone who understands the rhythms of this House, who understands the importance of this chamber in our democracy and who genuinely wants the best for our democracy. You understand that, if this parliament is at its best, our country will be closer to its best. You understand that all of us are called to be better, and you are determined to ensure that this parliament is a better parliament than the one it replaces. I do not attribute blame, unlike perhaps some, for the difficulties and the frustrations of the last parliament. All of us can do better in this parliament than we did in the last parliament. I am determined to do that, I trust that all in this House are determined to do that, and I know that you, Madam Speaker, will hold us to the high standards you have always set in your own life.