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Monday, 24 February 2014
Page: 543

Mr BROUGH (Fisher) (13:50): I would like to share with the House some of the lyrics from local musician and rap artist Nathan Tessman. These are his words from Fly Away:

Some days in my life wanted to spread my wings and fly away

Leave my problems never return never come back in a couple days

Try release all the pain that I keep bottled up inside

Let's switch body's see what life's like through each others eyes

…   …   …

I must admit at my school I wasn't the coolest kid in the class

Around tenth grade got hit by depression and man it came fast

Never thought it would past never thought it would stay for so long

Made me feel like I didn't belong always felt like the outcast

In my family felt like a failure all because of my disability

…   …   …

I cried myself asleep every night thinking this was so unfair

As a young kid I always thought my disease would go away

And I could stand and walk like everyone else but was so unaware

That it wouldn't and I was stuck with this condition permanently

…   …   …

You have know idea how this makes me feel to get of my chest

Cause when your depressed you really do [feel] like your body has been possessed

Then your stressed then you think life just becomes a test

To escape all this mess you only think suicide's the guest

…   …   …

I know my body looked in pain but my whole mental state was painful

And I thought to myself were the hell is my guardian angel

Now I'm great-full that he found me all I can say is I'm so thankful

That you turned my life around and made me feel like I'm not disable

…   …   …

Now you know my story and all the pain I faced everyday

Cause before MC Wheels I just wanted to fly away

Nathan is a 20-year-old with axonal neuropathy. He is an inspiration to his family and his community, and I am very delighted to be able to read his words in this House.