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Monday, 24 February 2014
Page: 529

Mrs GRIGGS (Solomon) (12:57): I only have a little bit of time left because the Labor Party decided that it was going to shut me down. I wanted to say a big thankyou to the people of Solomon for re-electing me. They can be assured that I will continue to fight for them. Now that we are in government we can do some really good things.

We announced last week that another 2,300 houses will be built in Solomon over the next five years, which is great. When the Minister for Justice came, he said there is going to be $300,000 for CCTVs in crime hot spots in Darwin. That promise is still going to be delivered, along with $13,000 for the Darwin Table Tennis Association, $5,000 for the Berrima riding school and $8,000 for the Palmerston Football Club. One of the biggest announcements that we made was the $110 million for the Palmerston Regional Hospital. The minister was in Darwin last week confirming the scoping study. We are going to be working with the Giles government to deliver a hospital for Palmerston.

The other very important election promise that I made was to abolish the carbon tax. I voted to get rid of the carbon tax. Labor, particularly Territory Labor, are still voting to keep the carbon tax—a tax that affects every angle of life in the Territory. I cannot believe, when there was resounding support for getting get rid of the carbon tax, that Territory Labor and federal Labor still want to keep the carbon tax. Territorians do not want to keep the carbon tax. Territory Labor should listen. Territorians are very, very clear—they do not want the carbon tax. Thanks again to the people of Solomon. I will not let you down. (Time expired)