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Tuesday, 3 December 2013
Page: 1409

Education Funding

Ms KATE ELLIS (Adelaide) (14:44): My question is to the Minister for Education. Under Labor's Gonski plan, there are needs based loadings for students with disability, for Indigenous students, for small and remote schools, for students with low levels of English and for disadvantaged students. Can the minister guarantee that these needs based loadings will be delivered to schools under the panic deal that he announced yesterday?

Mr PYNE (Sturt—Leader of the House, Minister for Education) (14:45): I am very glad to have the question from the shadow minister for education. I was asked about Labor's Gonski plan. Can I simply point out that, under Labor's Gonski plan, $1.2 billion had been ripped out. I am very happy to table this graph that I hold: in 2013-14, under the coalition, schools will get $471 million; under Labor, they were going to get $355 million. In 2014-15, under the coalition, they will get $477 million; under Labor, they would have got $258 million. In 2015-16, they will get $736 million; under Labor, they would have got $388 million. And, in 2016-17, the total is $1,111,000,000—versus the $606 million that they would have got in the forward estimates—in terms of additional funding as a consequence of yesterday's announcement. I table that graph, which the shadow minister might find useful. Under the Gonski plan proposed by the Labor Party, states like South Australia could rip $230 million out of their funding model, and Jennifer Rankine confirmed it today.

Ms Plibersek: Madam Speaker, on a point of order: I refer to page 551 of the Practice, where, under the heading 'Answers to questions without notice', it says:

When a Minister is occasionally unable to provide an immediate substantive answer, he or she may either undertake to supply the Member with the requested information in writing at a later date …

Has the minister—

The SPEAKER: The member will resume her seat. I am perfectly familiar with the page. There is no point of order.

An opposition member interjecting

Mr PYNE: You should not reflect on the chair. Madam Speaker, he should not reflect on the chair in the way that he does. It is quite outrageous how rude the Labor Party has become. I was asked about the Labor Party's school funding model. Under the Labor Party's school funding model, South Australia was able to take $230 million out of the funding that they had committed to over the next four years, and Jennifer Rankine said so today. The presenter asked: 'Is it correct, these figures about the $230 million?' Jennifer Rankine: '$230 million we have—that's over a four-year period.' Presenter:

No, no, no. No, Minister, figures can be very confusing for people listening … if we can just confirm … you are planning to cut $230 million from the education budget over four years?

JENNIFER RANKINE: We have efficiency dividends over … four years …

So she confirmed it herself. Under Labor's plan, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory got $1.2 billion less. Under Labor's plan, states like South Australia could remove $230 million. Under Labor's plan, there was a different indexation rate in every state and territory that had signed up. Under Labor's plan, there was a different percentage of the student resource standard required to be achieved by that state or territory in every state and territory—under Labor's plan. So, with all of this cant and hypocrisy from the Labor Party about their plan versus the new model, the reality is they were taking money—

Mr Abbott: The Pyne plan.

Mr PYNE: It is kind of you to call it the Pyne plan, Prime Minister, but I wouldn't rush to do so! It is more the Abbott plan, or the coalition plan. Under our plan: $1.2 billion more, states being allowed to run their state and territory schools, the Commonwealth delivering its responsibilities to provide support for our students.