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Wednesday, 5 March 2014
Page: 1704

Mr WHITELEY (Braddon) (13:39): On Saturday, 15 March, Tasmanians have a clear choice to make about their future. They can choose to support a tired, 16-year-old government that has neglected the economy, neglected education and neglected health and has no plan whatsoever for the future; or Tasmanians can choose to vote for Will Hodgman and the Liberal Party, who do have a long-term plan for the future of our great state.

After 16 years of neglect the job will be difficult—just as it is at a federal level. A Liberal state government will need to stop the loss of jobs, rebuild the economy, restore teacher levels, restore police numbers and give small and medium businesses the support they so desperately need to succeed. There is no silver bullet, but the Liberal's strong plan for Tasmania can turn this state around. Key to delivering this, the Liberal's strong plan for the future includes cutting red and green tape for business, cutting waste in the public service, restoring front-line services in education and policing, and re-opening the international shipping service, which only a majority government can do.

My message to the voters of Braddon is this: If you think the Greens-Labor experiment was a success and you are happy with more of the same, vote Labor, vote Green, vote Palmer or vote Independent. But, if you want a strong majority government without interference from the job-hating Greens, you should vote Liberal on Saturday, 15 March.