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Monday, 1 September 2014
Page: 9291

Mr HOGAN (Page) (16:08): I want to talk about a woman who retired from the Lismore Base Hospital last Friday. Her name is Norma Matterson. She began work there on 5 July 1964—I am sure you were not born at that stage, Madam Deputy Speaker; I was just a few months old. Fifty years she has been working at the Lismore Base Hospital. She self-titled herself, with great affection, the 'switch witch'. She was known as that very affectionately. When I told her I would like to talk about her today, she very much wanted me to comment about the fact that she has loved the 50 years that she has worked at the hospital—every single minute of it. A colleague, Joy Stieger, said of Norma, after spending 30 years next to her—she worked with her for 30 years in the same job sitting next to her—that Mrs Matterson was an unbelievable woman.

Also, as an aside, when I was talking to Norma today I discovered that her husband had a stroke, quite a severe stroke, in 1995. Over the next 10 years she and her daughter Michelle cared for their father-husband. Norma would get up every morning, shower herself, dress herself, and do the same for her husband before her daughter Michelle would come and look after him once Norma went to work. They are a lovely caring family and she is a wonderful woman, and I acknowledge her for the 50 years that she gave the Lismore Base Hospital.