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Tuesday, 26 June 2018
Page: 32


Ms PLIBERSEK (SydneyDeputy Leader of the Opposition) (15:06): My question is to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister said earlier that the government's budget is funded by hardworking Australian families. So why is the Prime Minister taking $80 billion from hardworking families and the services they rely on and giving it straight to big business?

Mr TURNBULL (WentworthPrime Minister) (15:06): Well, it's obvious that economics has joined aspiration and geography as mysteries to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. When governments reduce tax, whether it is personal income tax, as we did last week, or business tax, as we did last year—and of course the opposition is proposing to jack up business taxes again—they are not giving anything away. It is taxpayers' money. It is taxpayers' money that the government is taking less of. The fact that the Deputy Leader of the Opposition does not understand this speaks volumes for the contempt the Labor Party holds for hardworking Australians and businesses, large and small.