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Thursday, 18 August 2011
Page: 8532

Torres Strait Flooding

Debate resumed on the motion:

That this House:

(1) notes the severe flooding effects taking place in the outer islands of the Torres Strait and the dire conditions the Torres Strait Islander people find themselves in each year;

(2) recognises that:

(a) the Torres Strait Islander people deserve the same rights as t he people in flooded South-East Queensland;

(b) discrimination should not exist in one particular area of the nation;

(c) the Torres Strait Islander people have been experiencing floo d devastation for the past four years with no help from Government; and

(d) sea wall infrastructure at six low-lying islands is inadequate and in urgent need of repair; and

(3) in light of the evidence of continued flooding on the outer islands due to king tidal surges, calls on the Government to commit to restore and rebuild the damaged sea walls on the outer islands of the Torres Strait to protect the island communi ties from further devastation.

Question agreed to.