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Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Page: 4193

Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:46): This budget and election will be underpinned by jobs and growth. Every decision we make in the national interest will be underpinned by jobs and growth. We are transitioning from the mining boom to a more innovative economy, and the fiscal and monetary settings are sound. Interest rates are as low we have seen in modern history. Unemployment data nationally starts with a five per cent and is trending down. More than 421,000 jobs have been created since the coalition was elected in September 2013. Our largest international trading partner, China, still has growth rates in the high six per cents and the American economic indicators are trending up.

We have a six-point plan. Our investment will be in innovation, and that will drive the economy and the jobs of the future. Our investment in Defence is significant—from historic low investments by those on the other side, the worst since 1938. Our trade relationships and free-trade agreements are all set to underpin jobs and growth into the future. We will have a focus on tax avoidance—stamping out those who think they can slip out the backdoor to avoid making their contribution to the nation. We will have guaranteed additional spending in health and education.

Labor, by contrast, will introduce a carbon tax. They will put a tax on investment via their capital gains tax. They have a $20 billion black hole in their tobacco tax. Unions will continue to attack small business and will introduce a SRRT to wipe out 50,000 owner-driver transport operators. We will see the people smugglers back in business. The coalition has a plan and it is underpinned by providing the jobs of the future and growing the economy.