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Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Page: 4191

Mr BROAD (Mallee) (13:40): I am very excited about tonight's budget. We have things that are going to address the challenges that Australians are going to face in the future. We want to make sure that people have the confidence that they can get up and be rewarded for their hard work. We want to make sure that we have provisions so that we can have education for our children. We want to make sure that we have money for our aged care and money for our health services. Clearly Australia is walking through some difficult times. The world has stagnation but we have growth and we have a plan to put forward that is going to make people very proud.

Ms McGowan: The National Party has a plan?

Mr BROAD: The National Party has a plan. Our plan is based on rewarding those who are going to get out of bed and those who are going to deliver hard work, making sure that they get the fruits of their labour. That is something that I think all Australians should strive for. We have a good story to tell and I have to say respectfully that I do not think that the opposition has done the legwork in opposition to ask the Australian people for another term of government. They are still the same people who delivered us $123 billion of accumulated deficit over a very short number of years. I think the Australian people will think very seriously about whether they are prepared to trust us or trust the opposition when it comes to the next election. I am very confident that our plan, our long-term commitment and our vision for the future will deliver us another term in government.