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Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Page: 4190

Mrs WICKS (Robertson) (13:34): I have spent much of the last few months listening to people in my electorate of Robertson on the New South Wales Central Coast, hearing their concerns at places like train stations and shopping centres, talking to them on the phone and knocking on their doors. These families and businesses are working hard every day, many of them with a long commute to and from work. They are asking me what our government is doing to help build a more secure economic future for their children and grandchildren.

This is a government that is determined to deliver a stronger economy, a targeted social safety net, higher wages and more jobs. Local jobs have been the cornerstone of our growth plan for the Central Coast, including 600 new federal jobs in Gosford and a major upgrade to Somersby industrial estate that is forecast to enable around 3,000 jobs in the future.

But to continue to deliver we need a national economic plan. I am advised that tonight's budget will outline our government's plan, clearing the way for Australians who make our economy work. These are the Australians in small- and medium-sized businesses, those Australians out there earning average wages. We will ensure we live within our means. Australians are living within their means, and the government have to do the same.

Labor, on the other hand, is committed to $80 billion of unfunded fantasy promises that will only lead to larger deficits and higher taxes. Labor, including its own local representatives on the Central Coast, keeps making wild promises, but at no stage has it come clean and explained to Australians where the $80 billion is going to come from. (Time expired)