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Tuesday, 2 February 2016
Page: 173

Red Energy Promotions Tender

(Question No. 1572)

Mr Conroy asked the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, in writing, on 9 November 2015:

In respect of the $17,960.80 tender to Red Energy Promotions for 'Merchandise items for uniforms for NAQS Top Watch' (CN3291185), (a) what is the merchandise, (b) can he provide details of the (i) country of manufacture, (ii) number of products ordered, and (iii) cost per item unit, and (c) how will these products enhance the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy.

Mr Joyce: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

a) Three Top Watch merchandise items:

1. Heavy brushed cotton cap (featuring Top Watch logo and departmental contact details)

2. long-handled sling calico 'Dilly' bag (featuring Top Watch logo and departmental contact details)

3. 10cm pannikin (enamel mug) (featuring Top Watch logo and departmental contact details)

b) Merchandise item details:


Country of origin


Unit cost

Total cost (inc GST)











Dilly bag










* includes express delivery (for initial urgent stock replacement)

** includes standard 'surface' delivery

*** China manufacture/Australia printing

c) How products enhance the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy (NAQS):

These three NAQS merchandise items actively promote the 'Top Watch' biosecurity call to action message - "report anything of biosecurity concern to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources" - throughout Northern Australia.

Based on feedback from community leaders, ranger groups and other stakeholders, these merchandise items are a proven effective communication tools for remote northern Australian communities. The items are hard-wearing and are heavily used by recipients who become advocates for biosecurity vigilance across Northern Australia.

All merchandise features the new departmental contact information (1800 phone number and web address) to report suspect pests, diseases and weeds. These merchandise items replenished the depleted stock of NAQS merchandise items that have been produced by the NAQS programme over many years.

This form of promotion is one of the least costly and most effective mechanisms to reinforce vital biosecurity awareness messaging across Northern Australia.