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Monday, 15 November 2010
Page: 2223

Mr IRONS (3:37 PM) —Mr Speaker, I have a question to you. I noticed that when the member for Indi came up to the dispatch box today the clock had started well before she was there and, by the time she got there, there were only 40 seconds left for her question.

Government member interjecting—

Mr IRONS —Well, it is part of your new paradigm. Mr Speaker, could you please tell us what the procedure is for that?

The SPEAKER —We will have a look at it. I can assure you that nothing is being done in a deliberate fashion. If we talk about that dreadful expression ‘the new paradigm’, it is all our business. If there are still training wheels on, that is regrettable, but I think that everybody in the circumstances is trying to make sure that things are done. I believe the member for Indi managed to get her question well within—if it was only 40 seconds—the 40 seconds.

Mrs Mirabella interjecting

Ms Gambaro —She struggled!

The SPEAKER —I doubt whether the member for Indi would struggle on matters like that. I know that she would get it.