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Wednesday, 2 June 2010
Page: 5029

Bill read a second time.

Mr Tuckey —Madam Deputy Speaker, I rise on a point of order. You gave the order to lock the doors, and the bells then continued to ring for at least 30 seconds. I suggest that, therefore, the vote should be taken again or I should be able to record my vote in the negative. But you might explain how you can lock this place up while the bells are still ringing.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms JA Saffin)—To the honourable member’s point of order, the bells rang for four minutes and the sand had run through the hourglass. The Clerk did not turn the bells off immediately.

Mr Tuckey —The bells were still ringing and there are—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —There is no point of order.

Mr Tuckey interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —The honourable member will take his seat. There is no point of order.

Message from the Governor-General recommending appropriation announced.