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Wednesday, 28 October 2009
Page: 11260

Mr ALBANESE (Leader of the House) (3:37 PM) —On indulgence, I briefly want to put on record, as Leader of the House, my appreciation for the work that Ian has done over 37 years. He joined the parliamentary staff back in 1972. He served as Deputy Clerk from 1991 and has been Clerk of the House of Representatives since 27 July 1997. In all that time there would not be a member who has served in this House, and there have been many—many would wish that they had your longevity as members of this House—who would not have had contact with you and would not have respected your professionalism and the way in which you have conducted yourself, giving impartial advice and helping essentially to make this House run in the professional way in which it does. I pay tribute to you. I indicate to members that I have had a discussion with the Manager of Opposition Business and there will be a longer farewell for you, Ian, which you will have to sit through as the Clerk. That is a tribute to you, but it is not something that you would ask for because you have been very humble in the way that you have undertaken your duties.

To Bernard Wright, I am very pleased in the wisdom of your elevation to Clerk. You have served the parliament with a great deal of distinction already. Now that you have risen to this senior position in the parliament it really is a great honour to you. I look forward to continuing to work with you in a constructive fashion.