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Thursday, 29 March 2007
Page: 129

Mr Kelvin Thomson asked the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, in writing, on 7 December 2006:

(1)   For 2006, what was the estimated cost to the Minister’s department and agencies of the Graduate Program, including (a) recruitment, (b) program, (c) travel, (d) external training and (e) internal administrative costs.

(2)   At 6 December 2006, what was the retention rate for the department’s 2005 Graduate Program intake.

(3)   In 2006, how many Departmental Liaison Officers did the Minister’s department and agencies provide to the officers of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

Mr Vaile (Minister for Transport and Regional Services) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

Department of Transport and Regional Services ¹


(a)   Recruitment - $282,853

(b)   Program (including training) - $65,265

(c)   Travel - $7,000

(d)   External Training - $0

(e)   Internal Administrative Costs - $206,555 ² ¹ Item 1 a) is based on actual costs. Items 1 b) and 1 c) are estimated as actual data will require a significant diversion of resources to obtain, which I am not prepared to authorise ² This cost is based on direct employee costs of the staff managing the program together with a notional allocation of corporate overheads

(2)   71%.

(3)   The Prime Minister will respond to this part of the question.

Airservices Australia

(1) (a)   Recruitment - $750

(b)   Program (including training) - Nil. In-house training provided by Airservices staff at no additional cost

(c)   Travel - $4,500

(d)   External Training - Nil

(e)   Internal Administrative Costs - $6,800

(2)   67%.

(3)   Nil.