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Wednesday, 6 December 2006
Page: 141

Mr ADAMS (7:47 PM) —I want to mention in the House that in November each year in my electorate of Lyons, in the township of Triabunna, the municipality there in the local area has a commemorative service for the seamen and fishermen who have been lost at sea. This was a local initiative by a local woman, Kath Ferguson, who has been a prominent member of that community for many years. For many years the  community worked to put together a commemorative wall for people who have lost loved ones at sea—husbands, brothers or sisters—and children who have lost their parents or grandfathers. Tasmania being an island surrounded by the sea, with many fishers, of course from time to time we do lose people to the seas. Over the years we have also lost freighters and other ships.

This is a great opportunity for people to be able to place the name of their loved one on that wall. Then they have a place at which to have a memorial, where they can go at any time during the year to say g’day or to add a flower or whatever, as a family.

Each November the community has a wonderfully conducted service. The wall has now grown to resemble the shape of a ship with a great, lovely flagpole. The flagpole is to carry the different flags on the day. The three services of our Defence Force always commemorate it very well, and the Navy Reserve band comes along. The governor was there this year and made a speech which commended the operation of this wall and this commemoration. We also had a representative from the fishing industry, the chairman of our local fishing council, who also spoke of the industry, the dangers to his industry, how they try to avoid things and how safety has become paramount for that industry.

After we have that organised commemoration we walk down to the local wharf, where the local minister of the region blesses the fishing fleet for the year and a wreath is placed on the ocean to float out to sea. Many wonderful songs are sung, and remembrance is given. I commend Kath Ferguson and her very busy committee for all the work and effort they have made and that they make each year to make sure that this is a great occasion. I also commend the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for its support to this wonderful commemoration. I recommend it to anybody that visits Tasmania. On the east coast in a little town called Triabunna you will see a fishing fleet, and if you walk along the foreshore you will see, not far from the council chambers, this wonderful commemoration of people who have lost their lives at sea over the years.