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Wednesday, 6 December 2006
Page: 93

Ms KATE ELLIS (3:54 PM) —Mr Speaker, I have a question to you on a related topic. Mr Speaker, would you agree that it is completely unreasonable to expect me to write a dissenting report prior to the given deadline of 2 pm tomorrow in light of the fact that I am yet to see a copy of the complete final report to which I am dissenting, let alone the $17,000 research commissioned by the committee? As such, my question to you, Mr Speaker, is will you reject any request from the chair of the committee to table this report out of session and instead insist upon it being tabled when the parliament resumes next year?

The SPEAKER —The member for Adelaide has raised two points there. Firstly, I think she was requesting an opinion and, secondly, I feel the latter part of her question was hypothetical. I feel that at this stage I cannot answer further, but I will look closely at her question.