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Tuesday, 4 November 2003
Page: 21939

Bill returned from the Senate with amendments.

Ordered that the amendments be considered forthwith.

Senate's amendments—

(1) Schedule 2, item 17, page 17 (after line 19), after subsection 21(1), insert:

(1A) In deciding whether it is satisfied as mentioned in subsection (1), APRA may take into account:

(a) any matters specified in the regulations for the purposes of this paragraph; and

(b) any other matters APRA considers relevant.

(1B) If regulations specifying matters for the purposes of paragraph (1A)(a) also specify the way in which, the extent to which or the circumstances in which:

(a) the matters; or

(b) any information or material relating to the matters;

may be taken into account by APRA, APRA must comply with the regulations.

(2) Schedule 3, item 32, page 33 (lines 2 and 3), omit the item.

(3) Schedule 7, items 10 to 12, page 45 (lines 5 to 20), omit the items, substitute:

10 Paragraph 14(6A)(b)

Omit “one year”, substitute “2 years”.

11 Paragraph 14(6B)(b)

Omit “one year”, substitute “2 years”.