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Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Page: 21497

Mrs IRWIN —Further to my question to you, Mr Speaker, and your reply regarding the children from various schools that are coming to Canberra next week and my question about whether there was going to be compensation, there are some schools that are coming only to Parliament House. They have booked buses. They were going to the education office; they have enclosed sections in the public gallery where they like to view parliament. That is why I was asking the question to you, Mr Speaker, about whether those schools would be entitled to compensation.

On another matter, following from what the member for Canberra asked: I am deputy chair of the Family and Community Affairs Committee. We have a very important inquiry, as you are aware—the child custody and parenting inquiry. Because of the cost of recalling the parliament, there was a decision that we would have a meeting next Thursday, after the visit of the President of the United States of America. We wanted to book a committee room, and I was told by the secretariat that all committee rooms in the federal parliament have been booked out by security. I thank the member for Riverina for allowing us to use her office.