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Thursday, 18 September 2003
Page: 20521

Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) (3:28 PM) —Mr Speaker, can I say to the member for Franklin, for whom I have considerable respect, that if that is the case then I apologise to him.

Opposition members interjecting

Mr HOWARD —I do, yes. If I have got that wrong, I apologise, Harry.

The SPEAKER —Let me respond to the member for Franklin and say that I was aware of the fact that he and the members for Throsby and Fowler were working through what has been an additional workload of which the Speaker and the President of the Senate are aware and for which, as the members would be aware, additional resources have been made available in an effort to assist the committee. I am grateful to the three of them for the work they are doing, and it struck me that there are a number of other members of the House whom I could usefully employ during question time to help them further with their inquiry.