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Monday, 15 September 2003
Page: 20017

Ms GAMBARO (3:06 PM) —My question is addressed to the Minister for Employment Services. Would the minister inform the House of the government's plans to recognise the exceptional achievements of people involved in the Work for the Dole program?

Mr BROUGH (Minister for Employment Services) —I thank the member for Petrie for her question. As I recall, last year there was a participant in her electorate, a Mr Cameron Sharp, who was commended for his building of a web site at the Humpybong primary school. I am sure that there will be many other fine achievements out of that electorate in this coming round.

Mrs Crosio —Mr Speaker—

The SPEAKER —Does the member for Prospect have a particular concern that she wishes to raise?

Mrs Crosio —Thank you, Mr Speaker. Now that I have been given the opportunity: the minister before this parliament just named a person, which we on this side of the House—

The SPEAKER —The member for Prospect will resume her seat.

The SPEAKER —If the member for Prospect cares to check the Hansard for the five years that I have occupied this chair and, I would confidently say, for the 20 years I have been in this parliament, she will find that the standing orders have not changed and that standing order 144—Rules for questions—refers specifically to the naming of persons in questions. There is no such restraint on answers.

Mr BROUGH —Mr Speaker, if it will help the member for Prospect the gentleman appears in this publication, Work for the Dole achievement awards 2002. He was recognised publicly not only in here but also by the Prime Minister and by his local member. He is a fine individual and we commend him for what he is doing, as does the gentleman who sits in front of the member for Prospect, the member for Franklin, who understands the importance of recognising the work that is being done by those people who are helping in the community.

The Work for the Dole awards open today. I would say to the member for Prospect: get in there, have a look around your electorate, go and visit some of those Work for the Dole projects. I am sure the Speaker has visited, and I can confidently say that every member on this side of the House has visited, Work for the Dole projects and has complimented those individuals involved and the community on the work they are doing. I know there are a few closet Work for the Dole devotees on that side. I encourage them to come out of the closet, to put their names forward and to recommend the community groups.

Mr BROUGH —The member for Ballarat will no doubt tell you about the fine work done by the local Work for the Dole project that built a house and then donated $100,000 to charity as a result of that fantastic work.

The Prime Minister's Work for the Dole awards are about acknowledging individuals and communities, and they have been launched today. We are encouraging anyone in the community—you do not have to be a member of parliament; you can be a member of the gallery or anyone anywhere in this country—that if you see a fine piece of work done as a Work for the Dole project, get onto, have a look and recommend someone. Show them that you are interested and you are positive about what they are doing. Last year the member for Solomon had a Work for the Dole project in Darwin—learning all about the aspects of child care, and giving participants a worthwhile experience—as did the member for McPherson. Hopefully the member for McPherson is here at the moment. Her Work for the Dole project is helping people with disabilities. All of these local members understand the significance of Work for the Dole and the role it has played in the life of 250,000 Australians as they have participated in more than 14,000 wonderful community activities right around this country.