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Thursday, 11 September 2003
Page: 19904

Mr DANBY (3:45 PM) —Mr Speaker, thank you very much for your quick answer to my question to you earlier this week. I am sure that members of the House will be reassured that the Joint Library Committee is going to be further briefed on this matter. Mr Speaker, can I understand it from your answer that the Parliamentary Library is satisfied with the response from the Department of Defence to provide timely responses that fit in with parliamentary time lines? Finally, can I take it from your remarks that there will be no vetoing or vetting by the Minister for Defence's personal office of inquiries from the Parliamentary Library?

The SPEAKER —Let me answer the last question first. I have no information which would suggest there was either any vetoing at all being applied or any intention to apply a veto from the ministerial office, but I will check that and should there be anything different I will come back to the member for Melbourne Ports. Regarding the satisfaction level of the library's staff, I would have thought there was probably some concern about the timeliness but that that was being addressed by the letter from the Secretary to the Department of the Parliamentary Library to the Department of Defence. There was recognition from the library's staff of the priorities currently being expected of Defence because of the issues facing Australia and the parliament.

Mr Price —What about vetting?

The SPEAKER —I remind the member for Chifley that I answered that question. He may like to consult the member for Melbourne Ports.