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Thursday, 11 September 2003
Page: 19820
[11:42 AM]

The House divided.

(The Deputy Speaker—Mr Lindsay)

DIVISION:AYES 75 (16 majority) NOES 59 PAIRS 0
Abbott, A.J.Andren, P.J.
Andrews, K.J.Anthony, L.J.
Baird, B.G.Baldwin, R.C.
Barresi, P.A.Bartlett, K.J.
Billson, B.F.Bishop, B.K.
Bishop, J.I.Brough, M.T.
Cadman, A.G.Cameron, R.A.
Causley, I.R.Charles, R.E.
Ciobo, S.M.Cobb, J.K.
Downer, A.J.G.Draper, P.
Dutton, P.C.Elson, K.S.
Entsch, W.G.Farmer, P.F.
Forrest, J.A. *Gambaro, T.
Gash, J. *Georgiou, P.
Haase, B.W.Hardgrave, G.D.
Hartsuyker, L.Hawker, D.P.M.
Hull, K.E.Hunt, G.A.
Johnson, M.A.Jull, D.F.
Katter, R.C.Kelly, D.M.
Kelly, J.M.Kemp, D.A.
King, P.E.Ley, S.P.
Lloyd, J.E.Macfarlane, I.E.
May, M.A.McArthur, S. *
McGauran, P.J.Moylan, J. E.
Nairn, G. R.Nelson, B.J.
Neville, P.C. *Panopoulos, S.
Pearce, C.J.Prosser, G.D.
Pyne, C.Randall, D.J.
Ruddock, P.M.Schultz, A.
Scott, B.C.Secker, P.D.
Slipper, P.N.Smith, A.D.H.
Southcott, A.J.Stone, S.N.
Thompson, C.P.Ticehurst, K.V.
Tollner, D.W.Truss, W.E.
Tuckey, C.W.Vale, D.S.
Wakelin, B.H.Washer, M.J.
Williams, D.R.Windsor, A.H.C.
Worth, P.M.
Adams, D.G.H.Albanese, A.N.
Beazley, K.C.Bevis, A.R.
Burke, A.E.Byrne, A.M.
Corcoran, A.K.Cox, D.A.
Crosio, J.A. *Danby, M. *
Edwards, G.J.Ellis, A.L.
Emerson, C.A.Evans, M.J.
Ferguson, L.D.T.Ferguson, M.J.
Fitzgibbon, J.A.George, J.
Gibbons, S.W.Gillard, J.E.
Grierson, S.J.Griffin, A.P.
Hall, J.G.Hatton, M.J.
Hoare, K.J.Irwin, J.
Jackson, S.M. *Jenkins, H.A.
King, C.F.Latham, M.W.
Lawrence, C.M.Livermore, K.F.
Macklin, J.L.McClelland, R.B.
McFarlane, J.S.McLeay, L.B.
McMullan, R.F.Melham, D.
Mossfield, F.W.Murphy, J. P.
O'Connor, B.P. *O'Connor, G.M.
Organ, M.Plibersek, T.
Price, L.R.S.Ripoll, B.F.
Roxon, N.L.Rudd, K.M.
Sawford, R.W.Sciacca, C.A.
Sercombe, R.C.G.Sidebottom, P.S.
Smith, S.F.Swan, W.M.
Tanner, L.Thomson, K.J.
Vamvakinou, M.Wilkie, K.
Zahra, C.J.

Question agreed to.