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Monday, 18 August 2003
Page: 18731

Mr MURPHY (4:24 PM) —I move:

That this House:

(1) declares that Badgerys Creek is no longer a viable site for the location of a second airport for the people of Sydney; and

(2) recommends that a Joint Select Committee be established to identify a site suitable for the location of Sydney's second airport, having regard to (a) aircraft noise; (b) air pollution and (c) other risks associated with aircraft movements.

The people of Sydney have had a gutful of the lies, the hypocrisy and the blatant dishonesty in relation to aircraft noise from Sydney airport and the promise of a second airport. For too long both Labor and coalition governments have betrayed the people of Sydney. The Labor government should have built Badgerys Creek airport in 1985, and the Howard government should not have sold Sydney airport before honouring its promises to fix Sydney airport's aircraft noise problems and to build a second airport. Both the Labor and the coalition governments are culpable.

In 1996 the coalition went to that election with their policy `Soaring into tomorrow', which promised that Sydney airport would not be sold until the aircraft noise problems were fixed. I can tell you that the then sitting member for Lowe, Mr Paul Zammit, said, `No new areas in Lowe will be affected by aircraft noise,' and, `We will halve the number of planes over the electorate.' Nothing could be further from the truth. The people of Lowe were promised that they would get aircraft noise relief. The member for Grayndler and I know only too well that we were promised 17 per cent movement to the north under the Howard government's long term operating plan but it has never been achieved. Little wonder that the former member for Lowe, Mr Paul Zammit, resigned as the Liberal federal member for Lowe, because he knew that the government was not serious about fixing aircraft noise.

Last year there was a monumental betrayal of the people of Sydney with the sale of Sydney airport for an absurd $5.6 billion. Aircraft noise had not been fixed, nor had a second airport been built. As an airport, it is operating very well as a shopping centre and a car park. I was out there only yesterday. I was 35 minutes in the car park and it cost $12. I had a look at the duty-free grog shop out there. A bottle of Jamiesons Run is $19.95, duty free. I can get it for $9.95 at my local grog shop. That is appalling. This is all about Macquarie Bank making an enormous amount of money out of Sydney airport at the expense of Sydney residents.

Under the master plan which the Sydney Airport Community Forum recently released, we have been promised that over the next 20 years we are going to get somewhere in the order of over 400,000 movements. This is a monumental betrayal of the promises that were given to us by the Howard government in selling out the people of Sydney to Macquarie Bank. Look where the planes are going.

I am very pleased to see that the member for Grayndler is coming into the chamber. He understands this just as well as I do, because we are being bombarded by aircraft noise while the government is interested only in looking after the interests of Macquarie Bank. The Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister both promised a second airport for the people of Sydney. Quite frankly, the people of Sydney have had enough. We need a second airport; otherwise the unthinkable could happen and we could have some amendment to the curfew. There could be an increase in the cap on movements. Even more unthinkable would be a fourth runway. That would be absolutely outrageous.

That is what my motion is all about in this House today. It attempts to take the politics out of the situation by establishing a joint select committee of both houses of parliament to identify a second site for Sydney's second airport. We have to have a second airport. It is obvious from this master plan that, within 20 years, we are going to need an airport. We are suffering unbearable noise day in, day out. This is an opportunity for the member for Lindsay, who has been playing very shoddy politics in preaching one message to her constituents and another to another audience, to join us in a bipartisan approach to set out to select a second airport for the people of Sydney, because I can assure you that the children of the future will not thank us if we do not get the second airport and identify a site now. The pressure around Sydney airport is going to be so unbearable over the next 20 years. The government has to come clean, and it has to tell Macquarie Bank that they should build the airport as soon as possible. (Time expired)

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon. I.R. Causley)—Is the motion seconded?

Mr McClelland —I second the motion and reserve my right to speak.