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Monday, 18 August 2003
Page: 18717

Mr PRICE (3:45 PM) —Mr Speaker, as you know the report From phantom to force was tabled and it took the government some two years to provide a response. Given the response being made in May 2003, why has the government response not been listed on the committee web page? Has a decision been made to take two years to list it, given the time the government took to respond to the report?

The SPEAKER —I am happy to take this up with the member for Chifley, but it is a mystery to me as to why it would be of any concern to the chair at all or would in any way be deemed an abuse of the standing orders. The chair's sole concern is the equitable discharge of the standing orders and I cannot see a standing order under which I should be taking action on the matter the member for Chifley has raised. If there is one, and he wants to discuss it with me, I will be happy to hear him out. I think we are quickly getting to the point where questions to the chair exceed questions without notice. I will do something about that.