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Wednesday, 13 August 2003
Page: 18470

The following notices were given:

The SPEAKER to move:

That, in accordance with section 54 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999, the House of Representatives resolves that:

(1) (a) the Joint House Department, Depart-ment of the Parliamentary Lib-rary and Department of the Parlia-mentary Rep-orting Staff are abolished with effect from 31 January 2004; and

(b) a new joint service department, to be called the `Department of Parliamentary Services' be estab-lished from 1 February 2004 to fulfil all the functions of the former joint departments;

and supports the Presiding Officers in the following endeavours:

(c) to reinforce the independence of the Parliamen-tary Library by strengthening the current role of the Library com-mittees of both Houses of Parlia-ment;

(d) to bring forward amendments to the Parliamen-tary Service Act 1999 to pro-vide for a statutory position of Parl-iamentary Librarian within the new joint service department and conferring on the Parliamentary Librarian direct reporting res-pon-sibilities to the Presid-ing Officers and to the Library com-mittees of both Houses of Parliament;

(e) to ensure that the resources and services to be provided to the Parliamentary Lib-rary in the new joint service department be specified in an annual agreement between the Departmental Secretary and the Parliamentary Librarian, approved by the Presiding Officers following con-sideration by the Library committees of both Houses of Parliament; and

(f) to consider, after the establishment of the joint service department, that depart-ment providing human resources and financial transaction-proces-sing activi-ties for all the Parliamentary depart--ments, subject to such an arrangement being proven to be both cost-effective and efficient; and

(2) the text of this resolution be transmitted to the Senate for its information.

Dr Nelson to present a bill for an act to amend the Australian National Training Authority Act 1992, and for other purposes.