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Tuesday, 27 May 2003
Page: 15025

Mr McCLELLAND (2:20 PM) —My question is to the Attorney-General. Attorney, given your last answer in which you proffered a legal opinion, isn't it true that you cannot do by regulation that which you cannot do by legislation? Given we both agree that the Hezbollah external terrorist organisation should be listed, why is the government playing politics instead of joining with Labor today to ban that organisation through legislation?

The SPEAKER —I place no more demands on the Leader of the Opposition than I do on the Prime Minister. The Leader of the Opposition is a persistent interjector. He will exercise a good deal more restraint.

Opposition member interjecting

Mr WILLIAMS (Attorney-General) —I am invited to read out the previous answer. I think the question does not raise anything new. If we are both agreed on the need to list terrorist organisations, why don't we agree on the method of doing it? If we are going to do it, let us make it a workable system and not one that is going to be subject to the exigencies of the parliamentary process and when parliament is sitting.