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Thursday, 16 May 2002
Page: 2379

The SPEAKER (4:12 PM) —While I have the attention of the member for Werriwa, I point out to him and to the House that comments he made in the House yesterday during the debate on matters of public importance—see page 2167 of the Hansard— have just been drawn to my attention. I have consulted the Second Deputy Speaker, who is affronted, as I am, by those remarks. I require the member for Werriwa to unconditionally withdraw the sentence that I have indicated in this Hansard article, or I will take action against him. I want to indicate this to him so that he can have a look at the point that I have underlined and then report back to me.

Mr Swan —Mr Speaker, on a point of order: in relation to the question that the member for Werriwa raised about the Holy Grail, you have not responded to him, and that question was asked prior to the matter that you have raised. I take it very seriously. It is not a frivolous matter.

The SPEAKER —The member for Lilley will resume his seat! He is perfectly right; I have not responded to the member for Werriwa. Because I know nothing of the background of this event, nor do I think the House ought to be dealing with it at this stage, it is my intent to speak to the member for Sturt and to the member for Werriwa and then take whatever action is appropriate. I invite the member for Werriwa to familiarise himself with this Hansard that I have and then take action as I have required, please. The member for Werriwa may take the Hansard from me.

Mr Latham —I know the matter that you are referring to. Are you familiar with the way in which the Treasurer described himself? It is in similar terms.

The SPEAKER —The member for Werriwa will take a look at the points I have underlined in the Hansard, and he will understand what I am talking about.