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Monday, 3 March 1997
Page: 1811

(Question No. 818)

Mr Campbell asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 15 October 1996:

(1) Further to a speech made by a former Member for Dunkley (Hansard, 17 December 1992, page 4031) concerning an investigation undertaken by the Australian Securities Commission, (a) how many private houses were visited during the investigation, (b) how many times was each house visited and (c) on what days and at what times did the visits occur.

(2) Will he provide a copy of the documents served on persons during each visit.

Mr Costello —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)(a) I am advised by the Australian Securities Commission that one private house was visited during the investigation in question.

(b) I am advised that that house was visited once.

(c) I am advised that, due to difficulty in finding an appendix file, the Australian Securities Commission can do no better than estimate that the house was visited during a weekday in January 1993.

(2) I am advised that no documents were served during the visit.