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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2397

(Question No. 5021)

Mr Hodges asked the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism, upon notice, on 17 February 1987:

(1) What word processing or computer equipment has been introduced into the Minister's Department and statutory authorities responsible to the Minister since 1982.

(2) Why was the equipment purchased and were any specific targets set in terms of time or cost savings and improved efficiencies.

(3) What has been the cost of purchasing the equipment.

(4) Has the introduction of the equipment necessitated the purchase of new office equipment; if so, what have been the costs of the additional purchases.

(5) Has the introduction of the equipment led to changes in work practices; if so, what has been the nature of the changes.

Mr John Brown —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


(1) Word processing and personal computer networks

(2) To meet the requirements of a new Commonwealth Department. No.

(3) 1983-84-$53,321; 1984-85-$90,125; 1985-86-$89,861; 1986-87-$41,379. Total $274,686.

(4) Yes. Included in costs of establishing new Department and not definable.

(5) Not able to define.


(1) Honeywell Micro 6/20, 6/10, HDS-2

(2) To improve communication with overseas posts and state offices. Yes.

(3) 1983-84-$36,950; 1984-85-$59,000; 1985-86-Nil; 1986-87-$13,941. Total $109,891.

(4) Yes. $10,660.

(5) Yes. Transfer of some keying functions from typing pool to journalists with resultant reduced workloads and overtime in typing pool.


(1) Phototypesetting system, point of sale terminals, computer upgrade, word processors, microcomputers.

(2) To improve services to clients; meet their changing technological requirements; improve internal administrative efficiency. Yes.

(3) 1981-82-$4,999; 1982-83-$4,999; 1983-84-$628,205; 1984-85-$1,361,718; 1985-86-$207,319; 1986-87-$286,908. Total $2,494,148.

(4) Yes. $18,040.

(5) Yes. Keyboard skills being used to produce graph artwork and inhouse typesetting of publications.


(1) Replace computer.

(2) Computer capacity exceeded. Replacement more cost efficient. Yes.

(3) 1984-85-$250,000. Total $250,000.

(4) Yes. $17,500.

(5) Yes. Utilisation of staff's keyboard skills, automation of publications section, reduction of proof reading, flexibility in reporting systems.


(1) Word processing and personal computer networks.

(2) To meet the requirements of a new Commission. No.

(3) 1984-85-$27,395; 1985-86-$7,165. Total $34,560.

(4) No.

(5) Not able to define.


(1) Vax 11/750 computer and update, rainbow microcomputers, decmate word processors, printers and software packages.

(2) To provide the Institute with a fully integrated computing facility in accordance with the ADP Strategic Plan. Yes.

(3) 1985-86-$526,470; 1986-87-$188,734. Total $715,204.

(4) Yes. $2,000.

(5) Not able to define.