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Tuesday, 24 March 1987
Page: 1366

Mr TUCKEY —Madam Speaker, I wish to raise a matter of parliamentary pro- cedure. During Question Time the honourable member for Melbourne (Mr Hand) made a remark by way of interjection which was clearly heard at our end of the chamber in which he suggested that I should go back to getting my fingers in the local government till. In the light of the events of recent times, namely 23 February, and your remarks that you will not tolerate from either side allegations or imputations of a personal nature, considering that the Leader of the House (Mr Young) has now told us that a withdrawal or an apology is insufficient as `the damage is done'-which is on page 582 of Hansard-and considering that on page 497 of Hansard we have established that the failure to hear a particular remark is not necessarily relevant, I advise you that this remark is both untrue and deeply offensive to me and, in the light of your remark and treatment of me as recorded upon pages 496 and 497 of Hansard when I was dealt with in the process of stating 23 words, I request that you act against the honourable member for Melbourne in similar fashion.

Madam SPEAKER —I point out to the honourable member for O'Connor (Mr Tuckey) that when he was suspended from the service of the House it was not so much for what he said but for persistently and wilfully refusing to accept the authority of the Chair. I now ask the honourable member for Melbourne (Mr Hand) to withdraw the words he said that I did not hear. The honourable member for Melbourne is being asked by the Chair to withdraw a comment he made which the Chair did not hear but which was evidently audible in that part of the House.

Mr Hand —Madam Speaker, I seek leave and advice from you to explain why I said it.

Madam SPEAKER —No, the Chair is asking for a withdrawal. The Chair is advising the honourable member for Melbourne--

Mr Hand —I will withdraw, but there will be ample opportunity for me to say what I have to say.