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Tuesday, 17 March 1987
Page: 980

(Question No. 4824)

Mr Lloyd asked the Minister for Aviation, upon notice, on 21 October 1986:

(1) Has the Secretary of his Department received a report on the general aviation needs of the Sydney region.

(2) What were the terms of reference of the committee that prepared the report.

(3) When will the report be made public.

Mr Peter Morris —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Yes.

(2) The Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee were:

``1. The Committee is to examine and prepare a report on the general aviation requirements within the Sydney Region, including the preparation of input to the planning of the Second Sydney Airport and Sydney (KS) Airport.

The Committee comprises a representative from:

Department of Aviation

Department of Defence

NSW Department of Environment and Planning

General Aviation Association

Local Government and Shires Association

2. In respect of this study the Committee should report and make recommendations as appropriate on

(i) the effectiveness of current government policies to achieve the objectives of:

(a) satisfying the aviation needs for general aviation facilities

(b) ensuring an integration of general aviation activities with other operations at existing aerodromes

(c) ensuring compatibility between general aviation operations and surrounding land uses

(ii) current traffic levels and projected increases on an individual aerodrome basis by class of operation

(iii) the appropriate general aviation role for existing aerodromes and possible need and location for new general aviation aero- dromes (including heliports)

(iv) the appropriate traffic control management measures to achieve optimum use of existing aerodromes consistent with the need to ensure satisfactory integration of general aviation operations with existing airport activities and to preserve compatibility with surrounding land use.

3. The Committee shall have regard to

(i) the public interest

(ii) matters associated with the selection of the Second Sydney Airport Site and the master planning of Sydney (KS) Airport

(iii) all relevant factors including operational, technical, economic, financial, environmental, airport capacity and access

(iv) working papers provided by the Department of Aviation from its consultant commissioned to undertake various relevant tasks.

4. The Committee is authorised to consult interested Commonwealth and State Departments and organisations and to call for the views of other interested bodies such as General Aviation bodies, the airlines, local authorities and community organisations to assist in its deliberations.

5. The Sydney Region is defined as the 1981 Census Sydney Statistical Division.''

(3) The report is still under consideration in the Department.