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Tuesday, 17 February 1987
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(Question No. 3915)

Mr Hunt asked the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Environment, upon notice, on 6 May 1986:

(1) What consultants have been engaged by the Aboriginal Arts Board since 1 January 1984.

(2) For what purpose was each consultant engaged.

(3) What fees have been paid to each consultant.

(4) What was the term of each consultant's engagement.

(5) Will he provide details of any reports or documents produced out of these consultants' engagements.

(6) Will he provide copies of any contractual agreements for these consultants.

(7) How were the consultants selected.

(8) How many staff have been employed to service the Aboriginal Arts Board since January 1984 and what are their names and qualifications.

Mr Cohen —The answer to the honourable member's question, based on advice provided by the Australia Council, is as follows:

(1) to (4) Details of Aboriginal Arts Board consultancies engaged during the period of 1 January 1984 to 30 June 1986:


Purpose of project




T. Miller

Production of information video for the Aboriginal Arts Board on Board programs



S. Firkin

Translation of German documents regarding proposals for Aboriginal arts projects in Germany



C. MacInolty

Preparation of Submission to House of Representatives Inquiry-Aboriginal Homeland Centres



T. Widders

Review and Report on Aboriginal Artists Agency


Mid March 86-30.4.86

(5) Details of reports or documents produced as a result of the employment of the consultants are as follows:

Production of Information Video for Aboriginal Arts Board by T. Miller

The video presents general background information on the Board including funding details, information on its programs, aims and objectives and a segment on a typical Board meeting.

Translation of German Documents by S. Firkin

A range of documents/correspondence from Bernhard Luthi, on behalf of the ``Society for the Promotion of the Art and Culture of the Aborigines of Australia,'' were translated from German into English. The letters contain advice from the Society to the Board on appropriate arts promotional contacts and museums throughout Germany, the negotiations for a visit by the Director of the Aboriginal Arts Board to Germany and discussions on anticipated projects for Aboriginal arts in Germany.

Preparation of a Submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry-Aboriginal Homeland Centres by C. MacInolty

The submission examined the social and economic circumstances of Aboriginal people living in Homeland Centres or outstations, and the development of policies and programs to meet their future needs.

Review and Report on Aboriginal Artists Agency by T. Widders

The review included a detailed examination of the structure, historical background, membership, staffing, budget, projects and programs of the Agency. Copyright issues were investigated and the review also considered the future of the Agency.

All the documents and/or reports produced by each consultant are available on request from the Australia Council. The information video is available for viewing.

(6) Details of the consultancies have been outlined in (1)-(4). The Australia Council considers the contractual agreements between the Council and its employees to be confidential.

(7) The Australia Council has advised that the four consultants engaged by the Aboriginal Arts Board were selected on the basis of their relevant qualifications and experience for the proposed project and a significant consideration was the consultants' availability. The engagement of all four consultants was agreed upon by all Aboriginal Arts Board members.

(8) A total of 27 staff have been employed by the Aboriginal Arts Board from 1 January 1984 to 30 June 1986.

The following table specifies the names of staff, position occupied and period of employment.

Name and position

Period of employment


G. Foley

February 1984


J. Callope

February 1984-June 1985

K. Green

July 1985

A. Conlon

August 1985-March 1986

K. Bellear

May 1986

Board Secretary

H. Clothier

March 1984-April 1985

C. Briggs (Acting)

July 1985

L. Fogarty

August 1985

Project Officer Class 8

K. Waddell

January 1984-February 1984

C. McGuigan

March 1984

Project Officer Class 6

M. Donovan

January 1984

Project Officer Class 6

C. Fondum

January 1984-June 1984

J. Williams

July 1984-November 1984

W. Harrison (Partial Performance)

March-April 1985

P. Williams

May-June 1985

J. Newfong

December 1985-March 1986

S. Bellear

May 1986

Project Officer Class 6

E. Godden

January 1984

C. George

February 1984-September 1985

R. Lovelock

November 1985-April 1986

Project Officer Class 6

M. Turner

February 1984-June 1985

F. Kelly

August 1985

Part-Time Typist

C. Briggs

January 1984-January 1986

A. Braithwaite

March 1986

J. Purcell

April 1986-May 1986

Clerical Assistant Grade 3

A. Montague

June 1985-December 1985

M. Walker

January 1986-June 1986

National Employment Strategy for Aboriginals

I. Mason

May 1985-September 1985

I. Mason was employed as a Trainee Project Officer, Class 4, from May-September 1985. From mid June-September, I. Mason was employed under the National Employment Strategy for Aboriginals. (NESA).

Whilst no formal or specific qualifications were required for each position, the Australia Council has advised that all staff were considered to have met the following selection criteria for the relevant position.

Director (S.E.S. Level 1)

Sound managerial, financial and administrative skills.

Demonstrated skills, of a high order, in policy and program development.

Interpersonal skills of a high order (to facilitate and maintain extensive contact and liaison with the relevant art community).

Ability to participate in and contribute to, the development of Council's objectives.

High level of personal achievement in, and breadth of knowledge of, Aboriginal art, culture and community.

Credibility within the arts community relating to the Aboriginal Arts Board.

Project Officers (Clerical Administrative Class 6-8)

Sound knowledge and experience of Aboriginal Culture, including a broad involvement in Aboriginal community.

Sound administrative/financial skills.

Sound interpersonal skills (including effective internal and external communication skills, both oral and written).

Tact, discretion, sound judgement-especially dealing with clients, colleagues, sensitive issues, etc.

Analytic ability and a capacity for policy development.

Self-motivation and an ability to cope with stress and the pressure of a heavy and often complex/delicate workload.

Ability to work in and help facilitate a team environment.

Board Secretary (Clerical Administrative Class 4)

Sound and demonstrated administrative ability, some financial skills an advantage.

Sound interpersonal skills (effective communication, ability to express ideas clearly and successfully-orally and in writing).

Sound organisational ability, including ability to maintain records.

Supervisory skills.

Ability to work in a team environment.

Ability to work under pressure of a heavy workload; self-starter.

Tact/discretion, ability to act in face of adversity, maintain confidence.


Good secretarial and administrative skills.

Good typing speeds.

Good interpersonal skills.

Methodical and organised approach to work.

Ability to work as a member of a team.

Clerical Assistant/Typist

Good typing speeds.

Previous office/clerical experience desirable.

Ability to work as a member of a team.

Clerical Assistant Grade 3

Previous office/clerical experience desirable.

Ability to work as a member of a team.