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Wednesday, 30 November 1983
Page: 3131

Question No. 434

Mr Wells asked the Minister for Primary Industry, upon notice, on 6 September 1983:

What Commonwealth funds, listed by purpose, in the form of (a) grants, (b) subsidies, (c) special purpose grants, (d) dollar for dollar contributions or (e ) other contributions have been partly or totally (i) received (ii) returned or refused by the Queensland Government, from December 1972 to August 1983.

Mr Kerin —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(i) A total of $64,628,042 was paid to the Queensland Government during the period 1 July 1972 to 31 August 1983 through programs administered by the Department of Primary Industry. An analysis of the total payment made during this period is set out below:

$ (a) Grants-Commonwealth Extension Services 14,590,671 (b) Subsidies-Nil.

(c) Special Purpose Grants

Rural Adjustment/Reconstruction 14,601,455 Eradication of Exotic Poultry Diseases 471 Australian Agricultural Council-Pig Carcase Classification 10,000 (d) Dollar for Dollar Contributions

Apples and Pears Assistance 33,604 Agricultural Research 152,600 Locust control 349,000 (e) Other Contributions

Bovine Brucellosis and Tuberculosis 34,878,968 Eradication of Bluetongue 11, 273

Total 64,628,042

(ii) A review of departmental records for the period in question has not disclosed any record of refusal of funds by Queensland. The only records of refunds is in relation to grants made under the Commonwealth Extension Services Grant and Commonwealth Special Research Grant Schemes. In these cases the amounts involved are small residual amounts of individual grants remaining unspent on completion of projects. These have been required to be refunded in accordance with the Grant conditions. Because of the period involved and the number of individual grants involved the aggregate amount of these refunds is not readily ascertainable. The total however would be relatively insignificant when compared to grants paid under the Schemes.