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Wednesday, 9 November 1983
Page: 2483

Mr BURR —My question is directed to the Minister for Communications. Is it true that the Government has decided to impose royalty charges for the use of air waves by radio operators? Will taxi operators and other users of private two-way radios be required to pay this new charge? How much revenue will these charges raise? Could these charges be interpreted as a tax on the air we breathe? What other novel taxes does the Government have in mind?

Mr DUFFY —The question of royalties was dealt with in legislation in this Parliament some weeks ago. The matters which were raised, not directly but indirectly by the honourable member, were in fact debated. In respect of the royalty component of any collection of fees it was pointed out at that time that in fact the policy which was followed by this Government was a policy which was adopted by the previous Government. There has been no new collection of revenue, as far as I am aware, in terms of the type of revenue collected under this Government additional to what was in fact collected by the previous Government.