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Thursday, 20 October 1983
Page: 2048

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Leader of the House) —I move:

That for the sitting of the House on Tuesday, 1 November 1983, so much of the Standing and Sessional Orders be suspended as would prevent orders of the day, Government Business, being called on before questions without notice, which shall be called on at 3 p.m.

Might I say by way of brief explanation that it is well known throughout Australia that on the first Tuesday in November there is a certain event in Melbourne called the Melbourne Cup.

Mr Cowan —Is the Prime Minister going to run?

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —He would win it if he did. There has been some suggestion that we should not have Question Time at the same time as that event, which I understand is 2.40 p.m. I am not easily persuaded because one can still view the race later in the day, but we will cater for the requests from those who want to see it live, which I understand came from both sides of the House. Accordingly, we will be dealing with Government Business between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. and Question Time will be at 3 o'clock.

Mr Anthony —Why don't you put off the business?

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —No. There are some very urgent matters which honourable members who are not interested in the other event will want to discuss. This will give them a chance to do that and help the national Parliament--

Mr Anthony —Will it prevent quorums being called in that period?

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I do not know. I remember when I was a member of a previous government-of course, that has not happened to me very often-that on one occasion Mr Kelly, who used to be known as the modest member, guaranteed that we all came into the House because he called for a quorum to be formed.

Mr Anthony —I remember that. That is why I asked the question.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I just want to remind the honourable member that Mr Kelly was on his side. I do not think there is anything more to add. The Parliament will function as usual except that Question Time will be delayed by one hour.